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The aim of Energy Efficiency, commonly known as energy saving, is to reduce energy use without affecting productive capacity.  It results in an increase in financial capital, environmental capital, personal security and human comfort.

The benefits of Energy Efficiency can be categorised into three basic areas:

Strategic benefits:

Reduces vulnerability arising from dependency on external energy sources.

Increases energy supply security.

Economic benefits:

  • Reduces energy supply costs for the economy.
  • By reducing energy consumption related to services such as lighting, production and temperature control, etc., industry and consumers can make savings.
  • Reduces energy costs for households and companies.
  • Reduces production costs, thereby increasing companies´ competitiveness.
  • Generates economic activity, jobs and opportunities for technological learning in the new goods and services markets, which will be created for the different sectors using energy.

Environmental benefits:

  • Reduces damage to the environment and pollution, which affect everyone´s health.
  • Reduces the consumption of natural resources.
  • Reduces damage to the environment linked to exploitation of resources.
  • Lessens the impact of Greenhouse Gases such as CO2.

There are many factors to be considered when managing a company´s energy efficiency practices. Some issues require specialist knowledge in order to identify problem areas and possible savings.

For this reason TUINSA ENERGY offers Energy Consultancy Services with the aim of delivering the best solution for each company by using a range of tools.

tuinsaenergy_mini ENERGY STUDIES

TUINSA ENERGY uses our experience to provide you with a consultancy service and energy studies for projects involving any type of energy installation. With these services we deliver energy solutions for construction and production processes.

We offer support to property developers, public bodies or companies wishing to create new ways of using energy, whether for direct or indirect processes.

It involves a “re-engineering” procedure of processes which can be modified to improve efficiency and maximise the companies´ and/or their clients´ competitiveness.

This service is provided in a traditional manner by performing a technical consulting study, in which we design solutions for any sector or application.

tuinsaenergy_mini ENERGY AUDITS

An Energy Audit forms the basis of a detailed Energy Saving plan and is the first step to be taken when deciding to implement Energy Efficiency measures.An Energy Audit is the procedure used to define an installation in terms of the energy it uses; all factors which have an impact on energy consumption are evaluated in order to gather all the necessary information, which, when it has been analysed, is used to suggest technical and economical energy saving and energy efficiency alternatives to our clients.

TUINSA ENERGY´s Energy Audits comply with the Spanish UNE 216501  standard for “Energy Audits” established by AENOR´s (Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification) 216 Technical Standardisation Committee.   This quality standard was one of the first of its kind in the world.

  • The objectives of an energy audit are the following:
  • Optimise energy consumption in order to reduce costs.
  • Energy and financial savings.
  • Analyse the usage of Renewable Energy.
  • Gain an overview of the general situation and the most critical areas, in order to then make suggestions for better working conditions.
  • Ensure the longevity of the teams.
  • Improve the industrial process and offer quality production.
  • Respect the environment.

tuinsaenergy_mini IMPLEMENTATION PLAN

The energy saving and efficiency measures, concerning both technical and management issues, are classified according to their return period and the level of difficulty faced when implementing them.  These two aspects make it possible to visualise the measures to be carried out more clearly and prioritise them.TUNISA ENERGY implements a structured plan and offers to analyse, advise on and propose the improvements required to achieve the savings identified in the Energy Audit.

The aim of the plan is to perform a financial analysis so that savings obtained by making energy improvements can be used to help implement measures which initially presented an economic challenge but which will generate significant savings for the company.

Once the proposed solutions have been analysed, we move to the implementation phase, which comprises the following stages:

  • Implementation. The solutions proposed in the analysis are implemented, including engineering projects, purchasing and management of work required for rolling out the changes.
  • Follow-up. As a way of guaranteeing the success of the planned solutions, we monitor the savings generated by the new energy installations closely.

tuinsaenergy_mini EFFICIENT EQUIPMENT

When replacing or acquiring new equipment, TUINSA ENERGY can help you select energy efficient equipment. Technical and economic studies are carried out, which help the client to make their decision.


tuinsaenergy_mini ISO 50001

Standard ISO 50001 certifies an optimal energy use system in place in any organisation, whatever type or size, business area or function. It helps organisations to improve their energy efficiency, by introducing an Energy Management System, which results in significant economic and energy savings and helps to protect the environment.The Energy Management System is the part of an organisation´s management system which is designed to develop and implement its energy policy and manage those aspects of its activities, products or services which require the use of energy.

Implementing the ISO 50001 standard will provide the following benefits:

  • Energy savings in the short, medium and long term.
  • A framework for integrating energy efficiency into management practices.
  • Better use of equipment or facilities which consume energy.
  • Transparency and communication regarding management of energy resources.
  • Best practices and better behaviour in energy management.
  • Evaluates and prioritises the implementation of new energy efficient technology.
  • Provides a framework for promoting energy efficiency throughout the supply chain.
  • Builds a public image and recognition (clients, suppliers, stakeholders, public opinion) of the company´s commitment to sustainable energy consumption.

TUINSA ENERGY is a company specialising in energy efficiency and savings and offers consultancy services on setting up, implementing, maintaining and improving an energy management system in line with the ISO 50001 standard, as well as advice on how to coordinate it with other management systems.


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The calculation of a carbon footprint measures the quantity of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, measured in terms of CO2 emissions, which are released into the atmosphere as a result of performing an activity or by any organisation, service or product.TUINSA ENERGY performs carbon footprint calculations for any type of organisation or activity (products, events, projects, etc.)

tuinsaenergy_mini SUSTAINABLE BUILDING

Thanks to our multidisciplinary team made up of engineers and architects, TUINSA ENERGY can offer tailor-made solutions for achieving low-energy consumption buildings. To design these solutions TUINSA ENERGY considers bioclimatic criteria, regulation and control, energy efficient equipment and renewable energy.We also offer integral solutions through the TUINSA MODULAR company.


A partir del 1 de junio de 2013,  será obligatorio poner a disposición de los compradores o arrendadores de edificios o de parte de los mismos (siempre que los alquileres tengan una duración superior a cuatro meses), un certificado de eficiencia energética.

TUINSA ENERGY realiza certificados de eficiencia energética tanto de nuevas construcciones como de edificaciones existentes.





TUINSA ENERGY offers its client an electric Energy Analysis system, which makes it possible to view, manage and control energy consumption in order to reduce costs.


tuinsaenergy_mini GRANT MANAGEMENT

Here at TUINSA ENERGY we keep up to date with new developments in financial aid and grants and we have experience in their management. We take care of all the necessary procedures for securing grants in our energy audit and energy efficiency improvements implementation services, so that our customers can get on with looking after their business.There are different ways of applying for funding in each autonomous community and for each type of product, and these must be integrated into financial management plans in order to secure the funding to increase the profitability of energy efficiency projects.

tuinsaenergy_mini TRAINING AND FORMATION

An improvement plan is not complete without appropriate training of all those involved in energy consumption. TUINSA ENERGY offers training days for workers, managers and maintenance technicians, with the primary objective aim of obtaining maximum energy savings.


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