tuinsaenergy_mini ENERGY PROJECTS

TUINSA ENERGY´s multidisciplinary team has expertise and is highly qualified in energy systems and can perform all stages of energy projects:

  • Energy usage assessment.
  • Feasibility studies.
  • Project development.
  • Engineering.
  • Project promotion.
  • Manufacturing.
  • Procedures.
  • Works management.
  • Energy consulting and Due Diligence in energy projects.
  • Financial studies.

TUINSA ENERGY guarantees the smooth running of the project by ensuring that the design, construction and usage of the installation make it possible to achieve the objectives, and by doing so it facilitates the overall management of the project.



TUINSA ENERGY is a specialist in Energy Efficiency and Savings and offers its clients personalised solutions for implementing, developing and putting policies into practice which optimise energy consumption, including the following services:





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tuinsaenergy_mini WATER

The huge challenge which Tuinsa Energy has set itself is being able to provide drinking water in a sustainable and economic way.

International conflicts and natural disasters deprive countless numbers of people of drinking water, especially in developing countries. When aquifers are contaminated, damaged or destroyed, the consequences can be disastrous.

TUINSA ENERGY carries out water purification projects:

  • Reverse osmosis:
  1. Desalination
  2. Decontamination and treatment of effluents.
  • Filtering – Decontamination and treatment of effluents

TUINSA ENERGY´s R&D&I department is involved in a number of projects aimed at improving current water purification systems.

As a result of this work SISDECA was created.


Energy Self-Sufficient Water Purification System

At TUINSA ENERGY we have developed our own product, SISDECA, which is capable of pumping and purifying water completely self-sufficiently by using solar energy.

SISDECA offers the following advantages:

  • It is sold as a kit which contains all the necessary parts needed for extracting and purifying water.
  • It is easy to transport and can be used to reach remote places.
  • It is energy self-sufficient and does not depend on previously existing electrification systems or fossil fuel consumption. It is environmentally friendly since it uses solar energy.
  • It is easy to assemble, requires minimal maintenance and no specialist maintenance workers; its parts are long life and uses systems which do not require the constant fitting of replacement parts.
  • It can be adapted to the specific features of each place.
  • It supplies whole communities.
  • It improves living conditions for thousands of people who do not currently have access to drinking water.



Tuinsa y el Agua

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tuinsaenergy_mini INSULATION

TUINSA ENERGY specialises in thermal insulation which increases energy efficiency, by reducing heat loss and CO2 emissions.

Pipe systems used to transport liquids and gases are an integral part of any industrial process and therefore high performance insulation in pipes is essential to ensure that the fluid transport system is thermally stable and as effective as possible, in order to increase energy efficiency and reduce energy costs.

TUINSA ENERGY offers a complete service taking care of all aspects of insulation – from the project design to the implementation of the insulation work – while ensuring the highest quality at all times. Our company has all the solutions to your insulation needs.

Integral solutions for thermal and sound insulation can be offered to the industrial sector and in each specific case the materials and systems required to comply with current regulations are used, and we take care of the design, implementation and certification of the insulation.

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