The Company

tuinsaenergy_mini TUINSA ENERGY: THE COMPANY

TUINSA ENERGY was formed and operates as part of the TUINSA Group as a result of developments in energy-related activities, in which the TUINSA Group has had a growing presence throughout its 25 years in operation and of experience in energy.

Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy and Water issues are the three main areas in which TUINSA ENERGY operates.

TUINSA ENERGY´s MISSION is to deliver innovative energy solutions which put efficient renewable energy based technology at the client´s disposal, result in energy savings and are tailored to the client´s specific needs.  It champions solutions designed to make better use of water, optimise recycling of it and improve the supply of this scarce yet essential resource.

TUINSA ENERGY´S VISION is to offer energy and water management solutions which contribute to sustainable development, have a particular emphasis on the environment and help to create a social balance and generate wealth for the people in the places where it works.

TUINSA ENERGY is made up of a multidisciplinary team of technicians and engineers who study and put forward various solutions in the different fields of renewable energy: biomass, geothermal, photovoltaic and micro-hydraulic energy, etc.

We also perform Energy Studies and Audits to analyse potential inefficient energy use and propose energy efficient solutions to rectify these situations.

TUINSA ENERGY has placed particular importance on concern for water issues, especially in countries where there are difficulties in accessing water, and has therefore undertaken various R&D&I projects addressing many aspects of water concerns and has been able to bring them to fruition, for example SISDECA.

tuinsaenergy_mini THE GROUP

TUINSA ENERGY is part of Grupo TUINSA, a group of companies with more than 25 years of experience and focused on the industrial sector, born of two concerns: growth of the group through diversification of activities and, analysis of construction sector from an industrial perspective.